Henrik Ibsen's most popular play during his lifetime, this political and romantic thriller is considered his most emotionally complex - a substantial claim, given the many famous plays he wrote, including Hedda Gabler, A Doll's House, Peer Gynt, Ghosts and An Enemy of the People (produced by Heartwood in 2010). 

Rosmersholm features just six dynamic acting roles, set on a large country estate in Norway, 1885. Explored themes include the downside of idealism, loss of faith, and the corruption of the press.  The complicated emotional relationships of the characters and their hidden deeds fuel the play with energy and intrigue. The modern translation moves the play quickly and passionately through events which turn an entire town upside down, in a single day. 


Mary Boothby (Mrs. Helseth)

Ben Church (Johannes Rosmer)

W. Joseph Cote (Ulrik Brendal)

Tim Cunningham (Peter Mortensgaard)

Nanette Fraser (Rebecca West)

Joe Lugosch (Professor Kroll)


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